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Accredited T'ai Chi Chih Teachers may freely use the above logo

The "T'ai Chi Chih - joy thru movement" logo design was professionally developed for Sr. Antonia – Past Guide of T'ai Chi Chih. It may be freely used by any Accredited T'ai Chi Chih Teacher on any T’ai Chi Chih related materials, cards, handouts, signage, websites, etc.

Other TCC logos exist, but under copyright law may not be use without their owners' permission.

Accredited T'ai Chi Chih Teachers are also free to use any TCC logo of their own making.


Philidelphia Insurance Company:

Insurance for TCC Teachers. Use the "Apply For or Renew Your Insurance" found to the right of the banner picture. Select your Organization as "T'ai Chi Chih - Joy Thru Movement" to "Apply Now" or to "Renew Insurance."

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals:

Insurance for TCC Teachers.


PO Box 1869

Evergreen, CO  80437 They will list places where you teach, and send a certificate for that period of time.  There is also an option to have your office covered at a nominal fee.


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T'ai Chih Chih apparel

Sprint Print

T'ai Chi Chih clothing and branded apparel.

Large selection of styles and colors.

Accepts both large conference apparel orders and smaller individual orders.

Contact Charlise Latour: charliselatour@gmail.com or call (662) 687-2188

T'ai Chi Chih T-Shirts by Sokie Lee

T'ai Chi Chih T-Shirts by Agus Wong

T'ai Chi Chih "Want Peace?" T-Shirts by April Leffler

Instructional videos

Justin Stone - All Justin's Videos, Books, and Teachings

Pam Towne (DVD or Video download)

Sandy McAlister (Seated DVD)

Amy Tyksinski - YouTube Individual Movement Instructions + 46 min. YouTube Full Practice

Carmen Brocklehurst 50 min. YouTube Full Practice

Recommended book

TV interview

Jessica Lewis 14 minute video TV interview - August 2016

[Video link here --- Transcript link below]

Seijaku booklet

$4.00 per copy  +$1.20 (first class)

$30 for 10 copies +$8.60 (priority mail) or $2.75 (media rate)

$50 for 20 copies +$9.45 (priority mail) or $3.27 (media rate)

Make checks payable to: 

Ann Rutherford
1534 Wagon Train Dr. SE
ABQ, NM 87123


These handouts have been compiled and submitted by Teachers.

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