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Sandy McAlister - Guide


T'ai Chi Chih Guide (Nov. 1, 2013)

T'ai Chi Chih Teacher Trainer (2002)

Accredited T'ai Chi Chih Teacher (1985)

Life before T’ai Chi Chih® and life after are very different for me. I took a T’ai Chi Chih class in 1983 to bring some peace into my life as I struggled through the process of ending a relationship. It helped tremendously to cut the mind-chatter and allow me to sleep. After two years of practice my teacher suggested I take the teacher training course. I was most emphatic that I did not want to become a teacher. The idea of standing in front of a group of people and being in charge was beyond my realm of imagining. But at that time that was the only way to receive training from the Originator, Justin Stone. So, I completed the Teacher Training course in April 1985 with Mr. Stone, and I have been teaching continuously since 1986. No more secretarial and office jobs for me!

I attended college from 1988 to 1992 and graduated with a BA in Social Work with a minor in Gerontology. I now work for two school districts in their Older Adult programs. I feel my T’ai Chi Chih practice brought to light confidence in myself, enabling me to go to school and later to become a teacher both for the school system and for T’ai Chi Chih.

In 2002 I became a T’ai Chi Chih Teacher Trainer under the guidance of Justin Stone, the Originator of T’ai Chi Chih and of Ed Altman, who at that time was Head of T’ai Chi Chih. This responsibility impels me to go deeper in my practice and myself.

There are so many joys that have come into my life through the practice of T’ai Chi Chih; the wonderful open-hearted people that are drawn to the practice, seeing the benefits received by myself and others who practice, the serenity of connecting to “the greater”, and the joy of discovery when a new understanding or awareness about the practice unfolds.

While there may be only 19 movements and one pose, a lifetime could be spent delving into the depths of the practice – feeling the texture and flow of the movements, and discovering the aliveness resting within the stillness.

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Pam Towne - Teacher Trainer


T’ai Chi Chih Teacher Trainer (2002)

Seijaku Teacher Trainer (2002)

Accredited T'ai Chi Chih Teacher ( 1982)

Pam Towne is an accredited T’ai Chi Chih teacher and one of three international T’ai Chi Chih Teacher Trainers. Accredited in 1984 by Justin Stone, the originator of T’ai Chi Chih, Pam has been teaching this moving meditation ever since. A teacher at heart, she has a Lifetime Secondary Teaching Credential in California and over 30 years teaching experience.

Over the years Pam has taught T’ai Chi Chih in adult education, corporations, parks and recreation departments, cancer centers, senior communities, churches, and spiritual retreats, including the 1993 Science of Mind Conference held just outside of Moscow in Russia.

Pam leads T’ai Chi Chih Teacher Trainings, Intensives, Retreats and Workshops around the world. She currently resides in Oceanside, California.

Her mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives and to contribute to inner and outer peace through sharing T’ai Chi Chih.

See more about Pam Towne at www.taichi9.com/about.htm

Daniel Pienciak - Teacher Trainer


T’ai Chi Chih Teacher Trainer (2012)

Accredited T'ai Chi Chih Teacher ( 1997)

I have found my journey with T'ai Chi Chih, and subsequently with the advanced form Seijaku, to be no less than life-changing in so many beneficial ways - physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. It was a joy to find T'ai Chi Chih in 1995, and after becoming a Teacher in 1997, the mainstay of my livelihood and joyful focus of my teaching energy.

I learned so much since the year 2000, hosting T'ai Chi Chih Accreditations, Events, and by hosting post-Conference Seijaku courses with appointed Trainer Pam Towne since 2013.

It was especially enlightening to study Seijaku with T'ai Chi Chih's Originator, Justin Stone in 1998, in participating in his Meditation Retreats for 3 consecutive years, and continued to learn from him during visits to Albuquerque.

The most gratifying and informative experience of all has been serving the T'ai Chi Chih community as a Teacher Trainer since my appointment in 2012. It has been my joy to bring T'ai Chi Chih to so many people; people who then continue to learn more of this excellent practice as it enriches their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Prior to discovering T'ai Chi Chih:

Reiki Master (1995)

MDiv (Master of Divinity) St. Mary's Seminary & University, Baltimore, MD (1986)

BME - Bachelor of Music Education, Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ (1974)

Teacher of piano & vocal music for many years

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