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About Us

                                        photo courtesy Alba N. Cordasco
Left to Right
Pam Towne ~ Teacher Trainer
Justin Stone ~ Originator of TCC
Sr. Antonia ~ Past Guide of TCC
Sandy McAlister ~ Present Guide and Teacher Trainer

Not pictured ~ Daniel Pienciak ~ added as Teacher Trainer in 2012 (see his picture in  biography below)

The TCC Community

In 2003 Justin Stone, the originator of the T'ai Chi Chih form, appointed Sr. Antonia as the “Guide" of "T’ai Chi Chih.” Two of Justin's instructions to the Guide were "To unite the Teachers and take T’ai Chi Chih into the future.” This website and its e-Newsletters wholly supports Justin Stone and Sr. Antonia in those initiatives.


Our TCC community is a simple association of teachers who are united through their desire to deepen their personal practice and spread T'ai Chi Chih practice to the world.  


Accredited T'ai Chi Chih Teachers, if you like Sr. Antonia’s TCC website's "T'ai Chi Chih - joy thru movement" logo, it is available as a download from this website’s Resource Page.  

Any accredited TCC Teacher may freely use this particular logo on any T’ai Chi Chih related materials, cards, handouts, signage, websites, etc.

The "T'ai Chi Chih - joy thru movement" logo design was professionally developed for Sr. Antonia. She welcomes accredited TCC Teachers to use it for their T'ai Chi Chih needs.

TCC Teachers may also use any other TCC logo of their own making, should they so desire.

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